Monday, December 30, 2013

Mid-America 2014

I just spent a little time going through the Mid-America catalog online. As always there's a lot worth looking at. Also as usual, my favorite lots are heavily influenced by my taste at the given moment.

To start with, I have had a wicked attraction to Harley HD of late. That just don't get any cooler than this one. Despite the usual exotica present at the auction (Vincents, Broughs, etc.) this '28 JDH might well be the bike I most wish could follow me home.

I've Had a really weak spot for bikes with a good story lately too. The Albuquerque contingent should recognize Craig Murray's AHRMA championship winning Triumph race bike.

This bike while not especially captivating under normal circumstances has some interesting ties to Triumph history in the Seattle area.

Here are a few that caught my eye for no particular reason. First, this '37 Knuck (1937/1938 is the real sweet spot for Knucks in my opinion). 

This bike simply reminds of Lurker Tom's '36. Tom's is actually a little cooler in my opinion. It's just so flawlessly aged.

And finally, this Jefferson is just super cool.

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