Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blue Rapide

Ignorance is bliss.

One of my incredibly generous New Mexico motorcycle friends (I miss you guys...) was kind enough to let me ride his Black Shadow several months ago. For the record, riding a Vincent is every bit as cool as you might guess. But now I know what it's like...

I have been secretly coveting Rapides ever since. I like that they are the less glamorous little sister. I love the polished engine. Then I stumbled across this red Rapide. Not black, awesome meant for American export (Indian dealer) lineage. I was in love with a motorcycle it's extremely likely I will never own.

Now a buddy shared this link with me. An out-of-focus shot of a blue Rapide. I can find no other photo. Doesn't matter. I am now in love with a motorcycle I know I will never own

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