Thursday, July 19, 2012

Triumph Books

I had a conversation recently that got me daydreaming about Triumph books. It started with a discussion of Lindsay Brooke's "Triumph Motorcycles in America" (thanks so much for my copy Mike B). I absolutely love that book. It's such a shame it's out of print.

Lurker Tom graciously loaned me his copy of "Triumph Racing Motorcycles in America" also by Lindsay Brooke. It's an equally great book, and also out of print. Used copies are bringing pretty serious money. I will have to find a copy though.

"Edward Turner: The Man Behind the Motorcycles" by Jeff Clew also looks quite good. It's also out of print. I'm starting to sense a theme... I gotta find a copy.

I read part of Hughie Hancox "Tales of Triumph Motorcycles and the Meriden Factory" on Google Books a while back. It looks like a great book, very much a fly on the wall of the Triumph factory. Guess what. It's out of print.

I noticed tonight Hughie has a new book coming out in November called "Triumph: Production Testers' Tales from the Meriden Factory" Something is suggesting to me it might be a good idea to snag a copy of the first printing when it's released. I'm sorta wondering if it might be a new edition of the original book.

I've noticed loads of notable Indian Motorcycles books are also out of print. Does the same thing happen to Harley books? Lurker Tom's personal library must be worth a mint.


Nate said...

John I want a book report on in my inbox by Monday or you will fail the class of classic coolness! They sound like great books.

Flathead45 said...

There is a book called "How to restore your military Harley-Davidson, by Bruce Palmer, out of print since 1998, and copies seem to bring $300 -$400; Ouch!