Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Liberty LaFrance

This is the Liberty La France I was talking about. Owned by a man named Bud Melby, near Seattle. I have heard this car run, and seen it drive. A diminutive 26 liter 450 hp Liberty Aero engine from 1918, mounted in an American LaFrance Chief''s car chassis from about 1916. No history on who did the modification, although the car supposedly came out of England.

Supposedly opening up the engine fully at low speed will twist the frame enough to lift a wheel, and at 110mph, with plenty of throttle left, the test driver bailed out after thinking about what would happen if a drive chain broke or derailed.

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BitMonkey said...

Wow. What do you suppose the purpose of that car was? Given the convertible sedan body style I wouldn't immediately think race car. Rich guy who just wanted to terrify his friends?