Saturday, November 26, 2011

Racing Sweaters

Thanks to Flathead Rob pointing out the Triumph sweaters at Lucky Brand I've been slightly obsessing over Triumph racing Sweaters/Jerseys.

The sweater is really cool but what I'd love to have is a Johnson Motors team jersey like Ed Kretz Jr & Sr wore in 1951. Too bad the Johnson Motors name is now way too preoccupied with making $50 t-shirts for douchebags to reissue anything this cool...

NLAMC has made these Triumph jerseys in the past. Pretty darn cool. If memory serves Rob's lovely wife bought him an HD sweater from NLAMC a couple of years ago for Christmas.

Today I stumbled across GasolineCowboys for the first time. I didn't find anything Triumph through them but absolutely love their Thor jersey.

Incidentally, I'm sure they aren't cheap but they do appear to have the correct colors for Cossacks club sweaters...


Nate said...

I thihnk these would be a great idea for the team!!

Unknown said...

Hi is it still available the Racing sweater Thor jersey?
?please let me know
Thanks Egon Kravos from Trieste Italy