Friday, April 8, 2011

GS Update

Thanks to Brother Justin & Sixx my battery/electronics plate is permanently attached. Justin is gonna start ducking my calls one of these days.

I painted the mounting plate etc., reassembled everything and finished the wiring. I don't think I ever posted any photos since I installed the taillight. I'm gonna run out of ways to avoid doing the paint pretty soon.


Flathead45 said...

V has the low profile Bonneville stance down pat, but it looks like you might have to ride next to him on the salt and help him get it into high gear...

It's looking pretty cool. I like the taillight. What are you thinking on paint?

BitMonkey said...

Joey is thinking Grabber Orange

It's not my favorite color but it's pretty close to Laverda Orange which would be pretty cool on a 70's bike. I'd prefer something closer to the Hemi Orange you see on new Challengers or the Hugger Orange used on old Cameros.

Fact is I'm only painting it orange because Joey like it.