Saturday, December 11, 2010

Triumph Triple

I'm not sure about the origins of this illustration, found it on a cafe forum. This has to be about the coolest thing you could do with a modern Triumph. I want one.

Rob North Racing triple it's loosely based on.

The illustration even has a toned down version of "ray gun" muffler found on the original Trident. BSA management actually paid Ogle Design for those god awful ray gun mufflers & breadbox gas tanks. I can hear the the conversation in the boardroom now. "The Japanese are kicking our ass. What should we do? High reving 4 cylinder, twin front disks, better performance & reliability... Na, let's make our bikes uglier than the Japanese competition too!"


Flathead45 said...

It's kind of interesting to me that the artist has corrected all of the major aesthetic faux pas that the real racer exhibits. For example, to me, the headlights on the real bike are absolutely hideous looking. The difference in tank shape, while fairly subtle, also makes a big difference.

BitMonkey said...

The tank is stock Speed Triple. The Speed Triple has the twin headlight setup stock too. That's why I think the concept is so clever.