Sunday, August 29, 2010

Isle of Vashon TT 2010

Warning: Guest post by Flathead45, who went by his lonesome to the Isle of Vashon TT today.

Seemed like there were a LOT of bikes there. Imagine the normal ratio of cars to motorcycles... Then invert it. Imagine that the motorcycles outnumber the cars by the same ratio... That's what it was like. Inject alcohol, and we could have reenacted Hollister '47.

You couldn't swing a dead possum without hitting a Triumph. I caught a few for Bitmonkey:

Not sure everything on this bobber would pass the Jeff Decker design test... At a minimum, I think Evel wants his helmet back.

I had to spend a few seconds determining the function of the tape and vice-grips. Takes the place of a lockwasher on the rear axle nuts. I think it has his alma mater on the taillight lens...

I also saw the first T-bucket I can actually say I would definitely want to own. It has a very interesting twist from almost every other T-bucket... I'll bet you can see it pretty quick.

Make sure you count the spark plugs... I missed that till I got home!

Here are all the pictures I took. For more on the knucklehead, check out 38HDU. Bitmonkey, make sure there is some extra room in your t-shirt drawer.


BitMonkey said...

I really like the "stock" Triumph although its a mish-mash of parts. It's probably a 68-69 with earlier tank and seat(shocks are 68 & front brake is 69-70).

The custom was built by Jeremy at Felony Flyers. It was featured in the "Horse." I remember talking to him about it when we droped by the shop in Ballard. He wasn't very stoked about the Elk horn shifter addition the owner wanted.

I wish I could have been there.

Chris Saddler Sam said...

hei guys....

isnt that elton john on the t-bucket???