Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Alive!

It probably wasn't timed quite right but Dad and I got the 80 to start and idle for the duration of a couple of full carb bowls (manual specs claim a GT 80 will get 178 MPG so we're talking a couple minutes). I gotta admit, I was even more psyched to hear it run than I expected to be. Every time I work on something with Dad I'm pretty much floored by the stuff he knows... He's pretty damn good.

Next task on my list, clean out the gas tank. I started with a couple of rounds of Simple Green and a handful or 5/16' nuts. That worked pretty darn well for the heavy crud. 4 or 5 more hours of shaking and I think it would look like new inside. Mostly just rust left. I got lazy and decided to try electrolysis. It seems like it's really working pretty well so far. I figured I'd post a picture just cuz it goes so well with the post caption.


Flathead45 said...

I definitely want the full lab report on the gas tank cleanup. I looked inside my original 38U tanks after talking to Dad, and was surprised to find them pretty clean inside.

Glad to hear V's machine is roaring to life. Any idea why the timing was out 90 degrees?

Flathead45 said...

I will assume you meant to say 178 mpg in your original post, and not 178 mph... If it's 178 mph, there are some Bonneville types that would like to talk to you!

BitMonkey said...

Whoopsie! Yep if that bike could do 178 MPH my childhood would have been much shorter!