Wednesday, September 30, 2009


OK, I'm completely obsessing over paint now. A little more research suggests the Toyota color I really like is actually "Indigo Ink Pearl." Here are a couple of samples.

I have since been trying to find a similar color through House of Kolor. The Cobalt Blue Kandy is well... rather stunning. Unfortunately, it looks a little too light to me in some circumstances. Maybe that's just the nature of a candy and the infinite variables in their application (# of coats, base color, etc.).The Merc below just rules.

The next darker House of Kolor option I like is Midnite. This fender is Midnite with Cobalt flames. I'm starting to think that if I went darker a color close to Cobalt might work pretty well for pinstriping against the gold. Lots of older cars use something completely different for pinstriping like red.

I've had a couple of people question just how the blue & gold will look together. I still think it's gonna be cool, even with a darker blue.

I'm kinda liking larger diameter turning like you commonly see on older race cars.

The stuff I'm describing above might come across as a little pimpy. Ultimately I'm kinda hoping for something similar to the three old girls below.


Flathead45 said...

Color is VERY hard to judge, and proper light is essential. If you can go to an auto paint store where they have swatches, ask if you can look at them in the sunlight. I think the color of the Toyota truck or the Merc is really perfect, and you're right, it looks nice with gold. Did your damper parts arrive?

BLAM said...

I want the car in pic no. 1. Also, I'm totally down with your paint scheme.