Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rare Triumph?

Saw this Triumph T-100 in Puyallup today, at a small vintage bike show. I was told you would be very impressed if you know Triumphs. It is a pre-unit, hard tail. but has all special factory racing equipment for Daytona (or so I was told). This includes the megaphone pipes, dual Amals with separate float bowls, and magneto ignition. Not sure of the year or displacement (500 cc maybe?). He called it a Tiger.

This Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts group hosts the Isle of Vashon TT in a couple of weeks. They were giving me the hard sell to bring my 45". I had seen stuff online but sounded very exclusive like invitation only. They said that was just to keep crotch rockets from crashing the party. They said there would be something like 500 vintage bikes. You need to come up...

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