Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nothin to see here... Move along

Boring post to share something with Dad. Sorry these photos are kinda weak, I'm not using the normal camera.

The top photo shows the existing bracket. Part of the problem with triangulating the piece is the overall length is so short I'm not sure it's gonna be all that usable. It's hard to really see the scale in the pictures. If I widen the bracket as shown in the red I think I'll gain width across the total length of about 1/2". If I extend it to nearly the top of the triangle on the far left I might be able to get 3" of width at the far end but so little of is "square" I'm not sure it will be all that useful.

We're gonna have to be careful about how much farther forward (toward the forks) we go or I think it may show in the tank gap. This old pic the the best one I have of that gap.

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