Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fork Update

I mentioned here previously that I really thought I needed to drop my forks about 2'" to get the right stance. I was hoping I find a way to do it without cutting the stock fork tubes. I posted a question about it on the Jockey Journal. Initially I only found others with the same problem and no solution. One of my fellow problemeers was kind enough to follow up after he tore his forks down and revive the thread.

I now have a little better understanding of how all the parts work. The bottom brass bushing is fixed. The top brass bushing and the black plastic damping spacer travel with the fork. The plastic piece is literally the mechanism Triumph used to control the amount of fork extension at full rebound. Lurkingclass mentioned in the JJ same post he has had good luck with just running two damping spacers on each side, resulting in a 2" drop. I like that idea and NOS damping spacers are only $6-$8 a piece.

Hopefully my fork tubes aren't as rough as the ones pictured or I may end up having to get Forking by Frank to make me a -2" set anyway at $200.

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